Jonathan - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on November 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Last year, my family sponsored a little child from Africa. I didn’t understand what we were doing and what we had to do for this little infant, but I knew that it would help him. So, with a little coaxing from my parents I got a ten out of my wallet and gave it to them, who then gave it to some organization. They shipped the money off to the child so he could receive food, shelter, medical necessities, an education and other basic needs. Then one day, because I was curious, I looked at the pamphlet that lured my parents into sponsoring this little child. As I started to read it, I slowly knew more and more about how that measly amount of money that I gave to this stranger in Africa, really meant the world to him. Thousands of these children are orphaned, abandoned, homeless, hungry, abused, and education deprived. That act of simple and ignorant kindness really did a whole lot to make that little child’s life a little better. He was able to get food and water that he so desperately needed. He would have died a horrible and painful death of starvation and dehydration if I had not given him that money. This money that my family and I sent also helped this child to become better educated to ensure that this child would have a brighter future.

This helped me realize that every act of kindness that someone, intentional or not intentional does, may change that person’s life forever in a positive way. An act of kindness can immediately change a person’s miserable day into an excellent one. A person that does things that counts doesn’t usually stop to count them. You never look down on someone unless you are trying to pick that person up. It is my duty to make the world around me a better place to be, and that always leads up to the work of kindness and compassion to those people around me. I believe that compassion and kindness that I give to people will make theirs and my life much better. If I give kindness to people, I won’t need to receive it as much, since giving kindness away is so much easier than receiving it.