This I Believe

Samuel - Alachua, Florida
Entered on November 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race

Hello my name is, Samuel I am teased about what I believe in and I am here today to inform you about racism. Everyone can think and believe in what they want to but if u believe in being racist then please hear me. People always send me emails and ask me how do I face the racism world and still wake up each morning with a smile on my face. I strongly believe in anti-racism. If you ever think or see anyone act racist please contact me. I believe it is so wrong to just dislike and treat a person differently just because they are black, or Mexican, or Asian, or white, or any other authenticity. They are the same person just under a different skin color. Great citizens like barrack obama, or john mccain deserve to be treated really great because not only do they try and fix the war they try and fix racism. For over centuries white men have ordered and slaved Mexicans and blacks and whipped them just because of they’re skin tone. But why do people have to look at only the first layer of their body and not the 2nd and most important layer of the body, their insides and hearts. What made those white men think that because they are white they are “better” than others. Those slaves deserved complete respect and loyalty from those white men. I believe that those slaves that got mistreated are just as intelligent or maybe more intelligent than those white men, I believe that they have the same ability to comprehend things others white men did, I also believe that the whites should have to feel like what it was like to be mistreated by their skin color. Gangs among the world fight about skin colors, Brothers and sisters in laws, adopted brothers and sisters, even people don’t get hired at jobs because of their skin color. It is just a thing that is going to take time and will hopefully eventually end but as for now please treat everyone with the same respect even if they are white, black, Mexican, Asian, Hispanic, Philippine, or even British. What do you think Malcolm x thought when he was preaching?, or what do you think made martin Luther king jr. want to preach and dream about joining skin colors and not being racist. Well have an idea of what they might just of been thinking of. They were speaking the truth and thinking that they can change the world of racism. I will now want to thank you for listening to me and my beliefs in changing and ending racism. Now read this letter to a racist person and try to teach them that being racist is the wrong thing. That they are the same person under whatever color they are.