Disappointment is a horrilbe thing

Nolan - Portland, Oregon
Entered on November 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Disappointment is a horrible thing

During the course of my life I have believed in different things at different times. When I was eight years old I believed that Lego’s were the best thing ever created by man. Around the age of eleven I believed that life was unfair because of the many deaths that were happening in and out of the family that were very traumatizing for me. Now I believe that as long as others believe in me I will be able to achieve anything.

With this belief I can keep going, even if I lose confidence in myself because I wouldn’t be letting my self down, I would be letting down some one else. They want me to succeed and I can’t disappoint them, so I push myself and keep going even if I would have given up if I was the only person there.

A few days ago I was making an invitation to a girl to ask her if she would go to winter formal with me. I was trying to make paper shoes that I could then put decorations on. I had spent many hours trying to make them and I eventually became frustrated and gave up. My mom urged me to continue and finish the shoes and I realized she thought I could do it. I went back and continued to experiment. Eventually I found a way that worked and didn’t disappoint her.

I have this belief because I am afraid that people will think less of me if I fail or give up. This is why I can’t allow myself to slack off, because people that I care about might lose their respect for me. I am responsible because of this. If I stopped doing homework my mother wouldn’t trust me and wouldn’t believe in me as much. This is why I don’t want to let people down.

This belief allows me to do things that I probably couldn’t do without them. It helps me with many aspects of life. Some of these things are education, doing the right thing, and being a responsible person. I am sure that this belief will help me in the future with these things and many others beside. This belief allows me to do things that I never thought that I could do.

With this belief I am able to conquer almost anything that stands in my way. Whether this problem is emotional, mental, or physical I can almost always over come it if others believe in me. This is what drives me to succeed and never give up.