TEchnology Will Be The Human Race’s Down Fall

Jonathan - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question, science

Technology will eventually destroy the physical attributes that mankind once had

My believe, simply put, is that one day technology will eventually be the downfall of mankind. Now day’s we rely on our computers for entirely too much. Though it is helpful, it also is unhealthy. Constantly it takes the small things away from us that make us the dominant race that we are. Some might think of portable memory devices as cool little ways to transport files and remember everything. The downside to this is it unconsciously takes away from our ability to remember. The human brain can be used to a certain extent is what some might think. This is wrong. If mankind continuously worked on just remembering our I.Q. is slightly raised among average. I believe that technology will take things like that away from us. In the future there will be robots to do things for us, computers to calculate our problems and machines to cook our meals. This is a tragedy that I hope never happens to humans. We have got to become aware of these things soon we will not need our physical features to anything. I believe that everything is a chain.

When I was growing up I had to go out side a lot to access things that weren’t available and play around outside. For example I remember being a child and constantly having to go to the library to read and gather knowledge about the past and the future. Sports were played outside with neighbors and activities were done n parks. Even talking or having group discussion was done in either a library or a place where everyone had to meet up. This no longer exists in our society and world today. Children prefer to play video games in their homes to playing sports outside. Libraries around the world are more and more empty everyday. Computers have become the main source of finding information and chatting. Computers can access the Internet and find all sources of information about anything, they can bring up books online that you can download and read right from your computer. Who needs a library anymore right? The point I am trying to make here is the things we used to once do as a source of exercise physically and mentally are becoming obsolete.