This I Believe…Democracy

Julia - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: democracy, hope

English Earth

When I first heard the word democracy, I thought very little of it. It, to me, was the equivalent to our government. Democracy equals our government. When I began to really understand the word democracy; its definition, its meaning and its application, I started questioning how what I have come to understand as democracy was what was in place. The connection was missing for me.

As time went on from there, I questioned if democracy was really as good an idea as everyone had instilled in me in the first place. Why was it that there needed to be any kind of power structure? Coexistence isn’t possible? The thoughts crept into my head. My previous thoughts, feelings and beliefs all told me to stray far away from this idea of democracy. The placement of elected representatives was not a belief I held inside of me as being something that everyone could get on board with.

I believe that, by human nature, democracy is not the way humans want to organize themselves. From what I’ve experienced about human nature, people just have the instinct to coexist. Get along. Be equal. Not have to rule over one another. I have more faith in humanity than what democracy gives us. I believe that when given full choice, full freedoms, people wouldn’t just harm because now they could. I believe people can coexist without rules.

People don’t need others to rule over them, have elected officials speak for them. It is human nature to know what you feel. To understand yourself better than anyone else. People should be organized into systems that let them speak for themselves. People shouldn’t have to be organized into systems at all. Forced into systems. Born into systems that are against their natural wants and their natural needs. My beliefs come from my lack of beliefs. My dissatisfaction. Lack of belief in patriarchy, hierarchy, democracy and any other labels that can be put on it. All of those things, they lack personalities, they lack more then one viewpoint, they lack the things people need to feel human. But mostly, they just lack any human feeling whatsoever.

Democracy is not something I believe in. I believe that the human race will one day find a way; maybe a government, maybe a system, to organize itself as that will fit every single person’s needs. Idealism. Unfortunately, the human race hasn’t found it yet.