I believe in Strength

Bryson - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe it is important to be physically strong. Physical strength leads to the ability to be mentally strong, which allows for a happier life. When someone is active, he or she is able to focus on what makes the body stronger. That focus leads to setting goals for strength and endurance. When those goals are met, the other details in life seem to fall into place.

For seven years, I have been a competitive gymnast. Every day I work out for four hours in the gym. In addition to gymnastics, this year I began to dive competitively and practice two hour after school. During the weekdays, I work out for six hours and on the weekends, I am in the gym for four hours. Although this sounds like a lot of time to devote to athletics, it is a focus that I am proud of.

This focus has led me to become a level 10 gymnast with the opportunity to compete in the Junior Olympics 2009. My experience in gymnastics helped me to successfully participate in Diving at my High School. I was able to attend the District competition, where I qualified for the Regional competition. At the Regional finals I qualified to compete at the State level. I was able to represent my High School when I made it to the semi-finals at State for Diving.

Although all this time practicing and competing is time consuming, it offers me a focus. This is a focus that I have gotten used to. This focus allows me to budget my time. I do not have much time to just relax so I do not plan for that time. I know I do not have the luxury of extra time so I have no other choice but to study whenever I get the time. Usually studying and doing homework occurs when I am in the car going from school to practice or when I am finally home late at night. In addition to this study schedule, I often eat dinner in the car.

Without my gymnastics and diving training I know I would not be physically strong. It is obvious that both sports build muscle and keep me in shape physically. What I did not realize, when I first began life as a gymnast at eight years old, was that I would become strong mentally. There is a built-in discipline when you participate in sports. If you are dedicated to a sport, you will reach goals that are set. When those goals are reached, you build confidence. It is this confidence that is the strength people need to succeed in life, whether in or outside of sports.