Whoops-Gravity at Work

Briana - Smyrna, Tennessee
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that the buttered side of toast will always land smack dab in the middle of the nastiest, dirtiest, stickiest section of the floor. I believe that if you knock over your drink, it will always end up smearing the most critical part of a very important document. I believe your car will break down when it’s drizzling and slightly cold outside more often than if it’s a pretty and warm day.

I believe that life will always find a way to pick on you even when everything is going well. Most people will give up on actually living life to the fullest not after someone dies, or they get fired unexpectedly, but when they live the same old life day after day after day, and then the tiniest thing happens, such as not having eaten all day and then their first slice of pizza tumbling towards the ground, only to land with the plate squashing that tantalizing slice of salvation.

I believe that the little stuff will hurt more than the big and unexpected. You can prepare yourself for the possibility of death, for it is inevitable. You know that a getting fired for a technicality will make you feel angry or frustrated.

It’s impossible to prepare for the day-to-day mishaps. After having a horrible day, one might come home, sit down to relax, and realize they don’t know where their favorite movie is. For some, they’ll laugh and release all the tension that’s been building up. For others, that might be the breaking point and they will proceed to assume the fetal position and weep.

I believe that you can overcome the big things, and become a better person for it. But the unexpected bloopers, such as stepping in dog poo or realizing your zipper is undone after completing an interview, and how you handle them is what forms your character and shows your personality.

I once was having a horrible month, and kept it all inside until one day I pulled into a parking space at a friend’s apartment, and when I left a few hours later, I was unable to back out due to some horrible parking jobs. I ended up yelling “LIFE HATES ME!”

Now, I laugh about that memory, because I was so silly. I believe that if you can’t look back on your mistakes and at least smile, then you aren’t over something. I don’t care whether it’s a time in your life where you were homeless, unemployed, fighting with family, failing school, running with the wrong crowd, etc. If there is not one good memory, then you are blocking it out.

I believe that life is more reliant on the little things, because those are what cement a memory. The smell of cinnamon toast, a song on the radio, a quote from a friend, those the building blocks of life, what lead to the big picture, and are both the biggest annoyance as well as the biggest blessing.