This I Believe

Bryanna - Queen Creek, Arizona
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I Believe

There is always hope, no matter what obstacles life puts in front of you. I believe you can always take a bad situation, and turn it around. Sure, at the moments I didn’t think it was possible, but eventually it works out. Everyone says like isn’t fair; however it is as fair as you make it.

The summer of 2006, is when one of my hardest obstacles came along. My dad came home from work with the most embarrassed, distressed look on his face. He announced that we would be moving, after living in our home for 11 years. This was the only place I knew. The only people I knew. The only way I knew how to live my life, and I would be giving it up. We packed all summer and took trips to Arizona to find our new home.

I can honestly say that that summer was plain awful. Instead of hanging out with all my friends, and doing normal activities as usual, I sat in my new Arizona home with my parents. I did absolutely nothing. My days consisted of swimming with my parents, eating with my parents, watching TV with my parents, shopping with my parents, and so on. I had so much hatred for my parents; I couldn’t believe they would put me through this, especially my freshman year of high school.

Then it clicked in my head, I was being ridiculous, and bratty. It wasn’t my dad’s choice to move. It was either we move and him have a job, or us stay and him not be able to provide for us. From then on I tried my very best to make new friends, and see what Arizona had to offer. Yes, sometimes people weren’t as nice as I wish they would be, or don’t accept me. But I have met many people that do. To this day I am extremely satisfied with my life. Yes, it would have been nice if I could have continued school where I had grown up, but I probably wouldn’t be as strong as I am now. Now I know how to deal with change, how to be friendly, and most of all just how to stay positive.

Everything happens for a reason. You should always remember when you are going through bad times; just wait, because eventually it will all turn out to be ok.