God loves me

Amber - peoria, Arizona
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sitting in a quiet room with at least a hundred high school students listening intensively as to what Luke had to say. He always seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it. He can word things so beautifully and have so much meaning in it all. When he talks, you know that what he is saying, he truely believes with all his heart. Listening to Luke gracefully speak this sunday night church service, something hit me. It hit me hard too.

“God loves you” Luke said. I felt so overwhelmed, so blessed, and so loved when he said this. I felt as if Luke was looking right at me when he said this. In my head, his voice was amplified to about fifty times greater than how he actually said it. It was as if Luke knew I was having a hard time and he just wants me to get it. He wants me to know that I am wanted, I am something more, and I am going to make a difference.

And I believe that with my whole heart. I know that this love, this love is real. This is true passion and no one will ever love me like my God. My Savior. My forgiver. My redemeer.

Through Luke, God has been trying to tell me this. I guess I just wasn’t ready to listen. Walking in that night, I suppose I had such an open heart and mind. I was ready for any help, and I was ready to soak up any advice. I just wanted any help I could get.

I believe that I have known this all along, but I has never hit me as hard as it did on this day. “God loves you” Luke said, and i just couldn’t help but start crying. I’m sure the whole table could hear me sniffling and even Luke standing on the stage could see the tears roll down my face. Luke continued on speaking. He has so much love in all of his words I couldn’t help but to believe every single word. He quoted passages from the Bible and even used life experiences as examples. I realized that if God can work like that and show that much love in Luke’s life, God is willing and ready to do that in my life.

I know I am such a blessed young adult. I have so much, and I can only turn to God and thank Him for that.

I have volunteered in my church every Saturday night for almost six years now. I have recently devoted my Sunday mornings to teaching a first grade class about Jesus’ love. With the attitude these kids have and the happiness that they show during worship is so uplifting for me. If someone that young can feel and see what God is doing in their life for them, then I can too. I know God is working though me to show them, like Luke does for me. But I wonder if those kids know that GOd is working through them to also show me His great love. I can’t say that I haven’t noticed it before but, recently I have noticed it more than other days.

I’m learning that even when you think you are so beat up, and so broken, there IS someone that will always be there. Open your eyes, and open you heart. There is someone who loves you. There is someone who wants you to know that you do matter. In all experiences, good and bad, I know that my God will always be with me and always care.