I Believe Love is For Everyone

Ashley - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that everyone should love and be loved by someone, no matter what sex they are. Love is one of the many gifts of life that everyone should have the ability to experience. I feel as though people should not have to be afraid to be who they are. If someone is homosexual, that is their choice and they should have the same rights as everyone else, I mean after all, “all people are created equal”.

Love is something that everyone person desires. Everyone has their own definition of love because it is a feeling that comes from within, but the general feeling of love is simply a fondness or appreciation for someone. You can’t help who you fall in love with. I don’t think it is right to make people feel uncomfortable about who they are just because some people do not agree with them. Not everyone is going to agree all the time. If everyone was the same way the world would be boring because there would not be any diversity. I feel as though people who make homosexuals feel uncomfortable with being themselves are heartless human beings.

Being denied the right to be with someone based on their sex is not a good feeling at all, I have experienced it personally. My mother flipped out on me when I was in ninth grade because I told her I liked a girl. She didn’t understand that I could careless about the fact that she was a girl and more about who she was as a person and the fact that she actually cared about me. My mom tried her hardest to keep me from talking to and seeing her, so eventually I just gave up on trying to convince my mom that it was nothing wrong with me and just gave in to what it was that she wanted me to be. I don’t feel good about not standing up at the time for what I believed in, but as a teenager who wants her freedom, its hard to keep arguing and disagreeing with your mother. I am very proud of one of my old friends though. He finally came out and admitted to his father that he was homosexual and when his father flipped out on him, he stood his ground and simply told him that nothing that his father said would matter, he knew what he liked and nobody could change that.