Everybody Can Learn Even with a Disability

Harold - Antilope, California
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

When my son Branden was born with a disability, they couldn’t tell us what it was. All they could say was that he will always have a problem with learning basic living skills and his knowledge on academics would be limited to the elementary level. When I hear people say they can’t learn how to do a particular task, I just look at them and say did you try your hardest? I believe that everybody can learn. They just need to put some effort into it because if my son can do it with a disability, they should be able to also.

All Branden’s life he had to struggle with simple academic task. He has been going toschool now for seven years. Every year we try to set a goal for him. One year it might be learning how to trace numbers and letters, to counting up to twenty, and saying his alphabet. If he doesn’t meet that goal we just continue it to the next school year, but he never gives up. The last two years he has made great progress in school. He can read at least twenty words now and can say the alphabet with only little help from us. Every year this belief of mine is confirmed when we go into his Individual Service Plan meeting to see if Branden is still progressing in his academics.

Branden also has to learn simple coordination skills that everyone else takes for granted. They teach this in his class along with his academics. We put him in Special Olympics four years ago because he loves to play sports. He has learned how to play basketball, soccer, hockey, and track. We didn’t realize that it was helping him in his physicla therapy and coordination skills in school. His teacher Miss Shepard told us that Branden has come a long way in his physical therapy since he started playing sports.

All in all, I learned from my belief every time I help him with hiss homework. He always seems to surprise me by the things he can remember and say. So the next time you hear somebody else say I can’t learn the subject or task, tell them to stop and think, did I put my all into it or did I just give up? This I believe………..