Body Art

Bryanna - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Despite the opinions of others, I’ve grown up believing that having a piercing is a form of body art. In my family to have a piercing you are expressing your feelings on your body without having to permanently ink it.

Our view on having a piercing is not always the same as others. I’ve been questioned on the reason for my tongue ring numerous times. “You’re only 16. Why do you need a tongue ring?” I am asked. The first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is the stereotype for this specific piercing. I don’t see why it’s hard for people to understand that not everyone has those same intentions. Some actually enjoy the thought of how brave they had to be to get this.

My mom-mom (mother of my mom) is the type who just enjoys having them, hints why she has about 20 piercings. She can tell you a story for each hole in her skin. Even if it’s a simple story of getting it done to show that she wasn’t too old. My momma is different, she expresses the amount of times she has overcome tumors by the amount of facial piercings she has. It’s something that is very important to her.

My mom has been sick for quite a while. Sadly, I don’t know exactly what she is diagnosed with; to be honest I don’t know if anyone knows. In 1995, my momma was told she had a tumor in her pelvis. She went through surgery and when everything turned out okay she got her eyebrow pierced. In 2000, she had a tumor in her neck. When she overcame that she got her chin pierced. That eyebrow and chin ring is a symbol that she has triumphed over those tumors. And now here she is trying to get her health under control and she already has a new piercing in mind.

My family has come to see that the piercings we value more, are the ones that have stories attached to them. Some families keep scrapbooks, photo albums, or even quilts. My family decided our unique thing would be to pierce our skins.