Improving One’s Life Through Humor

Narayan - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a sense of humor can make your life wonderful. It can be just what you need to improve your life, bring happiness, and help you out in tough times.

The family that I come from is on an emotional rollercoaster with drops and ascensions due to absolutely insatiable member(s). But through all the complaints and yelling, a few jokes here and there are really all I need now to cast drama to the side and move on to better things. This may come as a surprise, but for me humor is a necessity in my life, and one that I plan to keep forever.

I started to really develop my comedic ability in 5th grade at Greenfield Elementary, when we were all maturing enough to understand comedy on deeper levels. Some of my friends went as far as to call me one of the funniest in the school, claiming that few could match my humor.. But this definitely did not make me full of myself. I thought nothing of it, actually. There never existed a competition to be the funniest in my eyes. My intentions had never been to become the funniest or most comedic, but I guess it was just a talent that stuck with me. But more importantly, I enjoyed my humor. Not because it entertained others or even kept people wanting more at times, but because it made me feel good inside to know that I could effectively contribute to my own happiness as well as that of others. The comedy I produced gave a sense of accomplishment, the kind you can only get from doing something on your terms and having it turn out great.

Now, in my 11th grade year at Science Leadership Academy, I have come to realize that comedic folly may become a deciding factor towards my success later in life. In Friday’s English class last week, we were asked to come up with 10 things we believe in and submit them to our online forum. Them when we were asked to explain those beliefs on Monday, I saw a belief form a friend that had barely ever crossed my mind. He said, “Since Narayan possesses both the intellectual stand point needed as well as a sense of humor, his ability to get a nice job as well as pass an interview really will stand out to bosses when he goes to start his career.” From now on, I will hold that as one of my main beliefs. The way I see it, If I can be happy, help others be happy, and have a better chance at occupations from being humorous, then I’ll definitely keep that trait.

As you can see, a sense of humor and a joke every now and then would never hurt anybody. It helped to make my life much better so far, which is why I recommend other people to find out if a sense of humor could do the same for them.