Luc’ Tale

Deborah - Portland, Maine
Entered on November 15, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Luc was 22 when he moved into my building. It was his first apartment. He has William’s Syndrome and his mom believes in possibilities. He did well for two years and then began to unravel and had to leave. This is his story.

Once upon a time a long, long time ago in a place far, far away a river was peacefully flowing through a valley. the air was calm and sounds were gentle, until a cry from the sky pierced this tranquil scene. The sun was sending down it’s rays of warmth as usual, when one screeched to a halt midway, never reaching the ground. The river shivered and the valley was confused. No matter how the sun coaxed, this little ray was not budging. Instead, it shouted to the river, “Come up and see me!” It shouted to the valley, “Come up and see me!” But the river was too swift to stop and the valley was too rooted to move. The sun asked all the stars as well as the moon, but this had never happened to them. She didn’t know what to do. Instead of warming the earth, this little ray of light became a tight ball of fire. The sun spoke to the rain, rain said, “Tell the wind to blow your little ray of light down.” So the sun went to the wind and wind agreed. It blew as hard as it could for as long as it could. The little ray of light landed, but as soon as the wind stopped, you heard, “Trees come up and see me! Birds, come up and see me!” The trees raised their branches and the birds flew as high as they dared, but none reached the little ray of light. The sun asked lightning to come down. Lightning agreed and the little ray of light obeyed. But as soon as lightning stopped, he returned high in the sky and you heard, “Wolf, come up and see me! Fish, come up and see me!” Wolf heard, but it was hungry and needed to look for food. Fish, well, fish never even heard. The sun didn’t know what else to do.

On earth a small stone was watching patiently all that was going on. A young boy was walking by and for no reason he could think of, he picked up the stone and tossed it as high as he could. He never saw it come down and walked on. A cloud passing by took it higher and the song of the cardinal took it higher still until it reached the sun and whispered, “Ask your little ray of light what he wants.” The sun agreed and asked. The little ray of light answered. The sun agreed and from then on our little ray of light happily fell to earth. What do you think he said.?

Well, Luc’s mom read him this story. He laughed at the little ray and then, without hesitation said, “friends.”