Hello, my name is Pooja

Pooja - Longview, Texas
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My name means prayer in Telugu, my mother-tongue. To me, this name is too powerful. Its as if I have to live up to my name. Of course, I will always love it. My mother has always loved the name Pooja. She always told me that even when she was younger she loved my name. It had so much emotion to it, so much history. This is the reason why I have never been called by any other name. To my parents, Pooja is one of the purest names one can receive. Any other name can never match the gravity and importance of it. My friends believe my name is very unique and appreciate the cultural background that comes with it. However, many people have made fun of it. I have never felt so much pain. A name distinguishes a person and can reflect their personality. When they make fun of it, it is as though I have lost my identity.

In ancient Indian societies, last and middle names prove one’s place in society. Back then, people where separated into castes, or groups. My last name shows that I am from the Kshatriyas caste. The given middle name divides people again into subclasses. Salguti is the name of the subclass of medicine, including doctors and nurses. So with one’s full name a person could be distinguished from other groups.

Ultimately, even though my name is sometimes a burden, it has defined who I am.