How your enviroment affects you

Malique - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Through out my life I’ve meet many people who think that the way you will turn out in the future is determined by where you were raised or assume that just because they meet a person or heard of a person that acted a certain way means that people who look like them are automatically going to act and think the same way for example if you were raised a certain way then you will eventually turn out to be that way. I was born in Seattle Washington, June third 1992 and I’m an African American teen that lives in Auburn Washington at the age of sixteen with two brothers’ one sister and my mom and dad. But unlike a lot of other people I believe that a person gets to choose how his future turns out and doesn’t have to be influenced by how others around them act.

I realized this when I first moved to Auburn. My first year of going to school in Auburn felt a little odd because the majority of kids in my class and in the rest of the school were white. So after a while of living in Auburn and hanging out with a new group of kids I found out that the kids in Auburn didn’t know a lot about black people it was like they had never meet a black person before. For example people would ask me questions of something they heard of or saw on TV so automatically figured it was true. I also found out later in life at about the age of fifteen that it’s not only your race but can also be your age or gender which causes someone to create an assumption about the way you dress or act based on your physical traits. Another good example would be myself because I wear baggy clothes and hang out with kids that smoke and stuff but I still get good grades and school and wrote a 200 page book about evolution and super natural abilities. So I managed to keep myself on track for the future so anyone should be able to.

The lesson I learned from all of this was that no matter where you live or who you grew up around you have the choice to do what you want and you don’t have to be a follower but can choose to be a leader instead and make your own decisions. So in conclusion I don’t believe that your future is determined by where you grew up.