Austin - San Bernardino, California
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What makes people do great things? What makes the impossible a reality? There’s only one thing that makes impossible tasks a reality: heart. Heart is the greatest source of strength that can ever be used by a human being. It comes when you least expect it and most need it. Heart, you either have it or you don’t.

It was the fourth quarter and my football team was down three points in our league championship game. We had all played an entire game and were completely drained. With nothing left to give we kept pushing our limits and pressing on down the field. We were in the final minutes of the fourth quarter and we had the ball. All of us were doing everything we could to get the ball in the in zone. Pushing so hard we finally made it to scoring position when the worst thing imaginable happened, there was a penalty. The referee said, “Holding, on the offense, number 77, ten yard penalty.” Our hearts dropped as we saw our hard work go to waste. Feeling the pain of fatigue, we almost felt the need to give up but we kept pushing. We finally made it to the one yard line. Everyone burnt out with nothing left to give, we could only hope this would be the play that would end this drive and put us ahead. As our quarterback came to the huddle we waited to see what our coach had planned. He came close only to reveal one of the most dangerous plays in football history: “Quarterback Sneak Up the Middle”.

Being a lineman running a quarterback sneak up the middle was no joke and not to be taken lightly. If we made one mistake our quarterback could be mangled by two linebackers and a couple of huge D-linemen. I had played a whole game and was extremely tired and had nothing left to give, but right when I heard the word “hike” I had this burst of energy and strength and was able to do exactly what I had planned. I picked my opponent up by his chest and slammed him on his back, and my best friend practically walked into the in zone.

Heart is the key to all success. Heart is the key factor in all of life’s obstacles, trails and hardships. Heart is the greatest trait one can hold within themselves and should never be lost or doubted. It gives an ordinary person an edge over others and separates the weak from the strong. Heart can change the entire outcome of an event or even a life. It only takes a second for heart to take complete control over a situation and change it completely for the better. Heart is the ultimate strength that one can possess and has unlimited power and strength.