This I Believe

James - Crofton, Kentucky
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe that there are many good people in the world. In fact, I think everyone, even the bad have a good side deep within that seldom shows. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event in order for the good in people to come out.

A tornado ripped through my community back in February. No one was killed in Christian County; however, the same tornado killed two people in Muhlenberg County. The tornado left a huge mess in its path, including a ton of debris on my Grandparents farm. I wondered how this huge mess would ever get cleaned up. It would take a bunch of people to get everything cleaned up. Surely a bunch of people wouldn’t want to pick up garbage, but to my surprise I was wrong.

People came from all over the county to help clean up the aftermath. Never had I seen so many complete strangers willing to lend a helping hand. There was one person who had recently moved here from Kansas and he said that when tornados hit everyone would come together to clean the mess up. It’s just the natural thing to do. There was even a bunch of high school FFA members who came out and helped clean up. With all the help, our community was back to normal in a little over a week, minus a few tree’s and barns and such.

The overwhelming help from strangers showed me the good in people. Sure, there were a few bad people who were only interested in stealing stuff, but they were greatly outnumbered by the number of people who wanted to help. Sometimes it seems like everyone is against you but they’re not. It just takes a natural disaster sometimes for you to realize the good in people. I now realize that many people are good inside and willing to help those in need. The tornado brought out the good in me as well. I now jump at the opportunity to help someone in need without thinking what’s in it for me. The tornado truly made me a better person