The right way to being forgiven

Frances - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

The right way to being forgiven

I believe that a simple “I’m sorry” won’t solve anything. Won’t solve anything in the way that you don’t know how bad the person was affected, by the what ever you had done to them. Being taught by those who care that you need to forgive yourself before you ask that other for their forgiveness, I know that you have to realize what you did wrong. You have to know how bad was the thing that you did or say that made you want to ask for forgiveness. When I was younger I myself realized that those two words just weren’t enough, and that it wasn’t all about verbally expressing your forgiveness, but also demonstrating it with your actions.

I used to live in San Bernardino, California with my so-called “mother”. I never really sat down and thought about it as I do now, but now that I do I realize and I recognize exactly why I came to this conclusion. My mother wasn’t the best ever. In reality she didn’t care about anything not even what should have been her most treasured things in life, her children. Before I moved up to Oregon with my father, (who had won custody over my siblings and me) and also the new people in my life, my stepmother and my stepsister, she asked for forgiveness. I personally didn’t know what to do, she had said she changed but I knew that she was lying, she just wanted to feel loved and wanted to know she had someone to rely on. I realize that till this day she hasn’t been forgiven, until she learns to forgive herself, and learns what she did wrong. My mother didn’t give me the love and the comfort that any child needs. She in reality only cared about

herself nobody else but herself. I don’t really like to think about it too much though because it really gets to me. I’m nobody to be judging her, but she did hurt me in a way that nobody would ever expect from his or her own mother. And it would be really difficult for her to hear me say, “you’re forgiven”, because nobody should be treated in the way that we were.

My father getting custody over us was the best thing that could have happened to us. Also I can’t leave behind the two people who have made a difference in me, my stepmother and my stepsister. They are two people who I will never have the right words to say thanks for all they’ve done. They came in a right timing in my life to recover all the careless years, which were lived with my mother. Now that I know I have people who actually care about me, I believe that you should cherish what you have because it could be gone in a blink of and an eye. That’s why you should think before you act, because an “I’m sorry” just won’t always be the answer. Especially when you’ve messed with there feelings.