This I Believe

tania - houston, Texas
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that anyone can be successful and get anywhere they want in life with a lot of effort, dedication and a positive attitude. As a teenager, I have not struggled in life that much thanks to my parents. They gave me everything I need, but my parents have struggle in life. Over the years, I have witnessed how hard my parents have worked to give me and my sisters the kind of life that they did not have when they were young. As many immigrants, not only did they struggle crossing the border, but also struggle to get a decent job. I have seen how hard my father had to work as a bricklayer. When summer came, he was outside working under that burning sun and when winter arrived, he worked in the cold weather.

Similarly, before my mother became a housewife, she used to work really hard for low pay until. Then she decided to have her own business, which was not easy for my mother to start. It took a lot of dedication, hard work and persistence to get the business where it is today. My mother has faced so many obstacles and ups and downs with her business because the economy affects a lot of the sales. I get surprised because even though sometimes the sales are not as high as she wants them to be, my mother’s positive attitude is always there and her faith is never lost. Even on the worst day, she always says, “There will be a better tomorrow.”

Now after so many years of struggles, and hard work, my parents finally have the lifestyle that they always wished for. They own their own business, as well as their own house and have raised three lovely daughters. My parents have taught me so many things growing up, but one thing that I value is that they have taught me to be a hard working woman and to never give up. Now I really believe that effort, dedication and a positive attitude can lead me to a successful life. My belief is always present in my mind to give me strength and as motivation to keep me working hard on reaching my goals that I have set for myself.