This I Believe

John - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that I have a choice, as well as the person sitting beside me in class, the person 20 miles out on their farm, or whoever. On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, I voted in the presidential election. This meant a lot to me personally, this was my first time ever being able to have a say in my government. The person I picked may have not one, but still I was able to choose who I wanted my president, governor, senator, and or represenitive(s) to be. The person I did not choose was the victor. Again, I was faced with a choice. A choice to believe in this man and know that he in fact did want change, or I could be angry at the fact, like a lot of people were after the election. When I watched my candidate’s concession speech, it was sad and there was booing. But he said something that made me make the choice that I was faced with, he said “My friends, we have lost, I would have liked to win, I really would have, I have called the new preident-elect, and congratulated him, I also told him that I believe in him, and whenever he needs me to call me and I will be there for him, because america this country needs change, and if I did not do it, he will, we need to focus on the issue, and not the outcome of an election.” I was pumped because that was probably the most honorable thing I have seen anyone do, especially on live televison. The next morning, I was back on my regular schedule as far as school and work goes, and I went to my alma mater to drop off some friends, when I could not believe what I saw. There were people just blatently dissing obama because he was black, and people praisng him because he was black. It made no sense to me, why people would let a person’s skin, out of all things, effect them. Again, I had a choiceto make. Would I conform to my society and because little minded like the rest? Would I not look at the big picture and be casted out because of it? I decided to stick with my morals, they have served good so far. This I do truthfully and respectfully believe.