A Relationship without Respect is no Relationship at all

shaunnah - fleming island, Florida
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

A relationship without respect is no relationship at all

‘ Throughout my life people have had this fascination with love and how you can’t live without it. Well I strongly disagree! I believe that love is only part of a relationship. In the beginning of any relationship there are the tingles and the awkward moments that make the butterflies in any ones stomach but that stops pretty fast. Then there is this new body of the relationship that is filled with learning about one another. This part is where a real relationship begins and where you hit my belief dead on. Love is free and wild but not concrete. Respect is concrete. I see relationships in high school all the time that use those little three words; these relationships fail in about a month. That is not a real relationship. If it was, I would have five under my belt. A real relationship has to have respect. Without respect any relationship will fall apart from lies, cheating, or simple boredom. I hate to say this but usually it’s the girl that has the serious heartbreak from these stupid “I love you” high school relationships. If I’m in a relationship and he doesn’t respect me or my body then he doesn’t love me. I feel like respect is imperative. What’s to keep him from going to someone else and using them like he used me if it was so easy. How bored would any boy get if he had done all he wanted with you. He would move on to someone else like a new challenge. High school relationships aren’t the only relationships that need respect. The big one is marriage. A marriage without respect is very hard to fix. My grandparents had a relationship like this when my mom was in college. They loved each other more than anything but my grandfather had a hard heart. He was a marine for 25 years. I mean obviously a marine gets criticized constantly. So when he came home from duty he was not respectful to my grandmother. He would criticize her for everything: the way she cooked, or cleaned or just for being herself. It was torture for her and she almost had to leave him. That never happened though because my grandfather learned how to respect her and how lucky he was. I think they would not be with each other right now if he didn’t go back to church and he didn’t get those grandbabies. I believe that was his cure in getting back respect for her. She still today tries to please way too many people at once but they have more love and respect for each other than any marriage I’ve ever seen. Their relationship is an example of hard work and true companionship over 50 years. That is why I believe in respect to have true love.