i believe abuse is wrong!

Blanca - houston, Texas
Entered on November 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I think children have the right to be punish for something they do wrong, not because they are not perfect. Punishment should be that the Not going nowhere or you cant play your games or No TV, not some hits with the belt where u have bruises for the neighbor to see. I believe that parents that abuse their children, they don’t deserve to keep them or even see them.

My dad abused me so many times, both physically and emotionally, but I never spoke my secret to anyone. I didn’t know if he was doing right or wrong. Until the summer of 08, I got him mad only for the reason that I said I didn’t wanted to eat. I got hit with the belt so many times that they turn into bruises on my back and legs. I felt so much hate for him.

That night I left home because I didn’t feel safe. I return one week later because he said he was going to change and I believed him . Two months later he left bruises on my little brother all over his chest. This time I was not going to let my opportunity pass by I had to do something. I needed to tell someone, but someone who would help me.

I talked to my pastor and he told me to do what I felt was right for me to do. I called CPS because I was tired of the suffering and all the pain that I had in my heart. I was done getting hurt by my dad. I wasn’t going to let it happen again. It was to late for a apology. It was late for everything.

Now I learned that I didn’t had to stay quite that long. I just needed to make one call and that was it. It was the solution to the problem. No more bruises on my skin. No more tears of sadness. Just full of joy that now I feel safe. don’t be afraid if your going thru abuse.