Stepmother by choice

Claudia - Columbia/, Maryland
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that being and stepmom is a blessing. I grew up with the idea that all stepmothers were evil specially growing up with all the children books with stepmothers really scary. They were always the antagonist in the story and did terrible things to their stepchildren. Their intentions were money, power and competition with their stepchildren. I haven’t found many examples in children literature that shows the stepmom are sweet, sacrifice, and understanding people.

I believe that we the stepmoms are valuables individuals in the society. We take care and love our stepchildren as they were our own. We open our hearts to our step kids, make flexible schedules, make plans and wait in the rain for them if is needed and all we do it because we try do our best to make their life happier and embrace them in the family and make them parts of our lives.

I have found that my relationship with my stepdaughter is full of great moments. I get to enjoy her and see her grow and every time that she is with us we cherish it. It has not an easy journey and I am glad that I have found the support of other step mothers that out of love and concerned for their families have joined together and can give me a hand when things look out of control.

Stepmoms for all the ways of life have help children and welcome them. It is the maternal feeling that always pushes my idea of working with my stepdaughter, to spend time with her and try my best to make the time that she is with us the best. And it make me really sad when I talk about my stepdaughter and some people just look at me with judgment in their eyes, like I did something terrible or I am ready to do it maybe for the preconception that stepmothers are evil, perverse ladies that hate the step kids. But they don’t see that we become stepmothers for choice and because we love, because we care so much that we have love for our step kids.

I believe that our representation in art and in history should be different, that stepmoms for a change in the stories can be fun, caring and good. It is my reality; I loved and have taught me so much that won’t change it for anything.