A Dog’s Mentality

Hillary - Los Gatos, California
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Dogs have always been my favorite animal. Not only do I enjoy having them as pets, but I think that their temperament is one which should be emulated. I believe humans can learn a lot from dogs. A dog’s ability to love conditionally, to protect, to be loyal, and to be helpful all are qualities to be admired. It’s amazing how selfless dogs are. All they ask for in return is to be looked after. Time and time again I’ve been impressed by a dog’s ability to somehow know what they can do to aide their human, even though there’s a language barrier.

Last year my dad was doing work on the house. My dog, Chloe, was following my dad as he was carrying bricks. All of a sudden my dad stumbled and dropped the bricks directly on the end of Chloe’s tail, tearing the end of her tail off. As Chloe yelped in pain, my dad knelt down to comfort her only to be bombarded with licks of affection. I was shocked that Chloe was not cowering in pain or even mad at my father. Instead she seemed to be comforting him, as if to say it was okay, she still loved him even if he tore off part of her tail.

My other dog Speckles seems to always know when his unconditional love is needed. My mom had surgery on her foot and was immobilized for a couple days. For those days Speckles didn’t leave her side even when offered a treat. All he wanted was to stay next to her and make sure she was alright.

A dog seems to never stop loving their human counterparts. They are constantly on the lookout, always on guard to make sure that nothing bad happens to their human best friend. Whenever a stranger approaches our house, my dog barks to alert us of the potential danger in an act of protectiveness.

Dogs never seem to think twice before running to your side, regardless of if you think you need them or not, they are there to help. Their willingness to put aside their own happiness, to mend another’s is a very selfless act. Dog’s unconditional love is not subject to any prejudice either. They are taken to hospitals to help cheer sick people up, and are used as a tool to help patients recover. The therapy they can provide people through their affection demonstrates their unconditional love and their nonjudgmental mentality. As long as a person has done no wrong to them, there is no reason for them not to be loving and kind to that person.

I believe in helping out others when they’re in need. I believe in unconditional love. I believe in kindness without prejudice. A dog’s mentality is naturally this way, and I believe human mentality should replicate it.