Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe compassion is more than a feeling of mercy and kindness; it is enacted mercy and kindness. Every human needs compassion, and every human can be compassionate. This belief is what is driving me into a career in Nursing, a profession that provides care for the ill, hope when it is lost, and peace during moments of fear. A nurse seeks to relieve pain and suffering. To be a nurse is more than a paycheck, he or she is a caregiver. It is about love and service. I have chosen nursing as a career to know the human body, so that I can promote wellness. For the more I know the more I will be able to help. I want to nurse the people in my community and then go out into the world where there are needs to be supplied. I want to go to those who suffer and heal the sick, and aspire to an education geared to service. I know my purpose in life is to serve God by serving others.

Throughout my life, I have recognized that there is no greater satisfaction than serving people. I have experienced such joy when serving hot chocolate and a piece of bread to the homeless in Downtown LA. In the end, I only want to do more. Every act of kindness has opened my eyes to the great need of compassion for the forgotten. I understand that every human was created in God’s image; I believe they should be valued as such.

To be compassionate is a moral responsibility. We need the courage and character to help save lives. Courage to stand and overcome poverty and hunger in countries that are perishing, and character to go to the poor and relieve their suffering. Many children will die today; therefore our actions either chose life or death for the thousands of children. An individual with a vision, which will require a community to cause the change, can overcome many of the ethical problems in a society. There is enough suffering and injustice not to be seen and acted upon. Seeing the suffering of the poor can be challenging and even life changing because once we are exposed to their suffering our view of life will differ. How we depict life will change and our way of living will be affected only if we allow it. We show compassion to a child, an elder, a co-worker, a friend, a family member, a homeless person, and the rich in our every day life and setting. Everything we do, it must be done with love. Service is sure happiness, and we can only experience it by opening our hearts to our fellow men.