Talking Changes Everything

Kaitlyn - McHenry, Illinois
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

At my job I get to meet a lot of different people. It’s so entertaining how so many people act towards someone that looks different. I push carts at a grocery store. I have to deal with more then one hundred people a day coming in and out of the store. Most of the people could care less about someone with a job like mine. Others are grateful for me bringing the carts in. yeah no big deal right. Why is this girl talking about pushing carts? Well dealing with people all day long you get a take on how they are as a person. You get to see how they act to others.

There is this one customer that comes in a few times a week. I’ve gotten to get to know him. Most people just walk past him without noticing him or walk past and stare at him like he is some type of mutant. His name is Tedd. He has multiple scoliosis. He can barley walk and he can’t really get around. I’ve have taken time out of my day to talk to him. Say hi everyday I see him. At the store we have electric carts for the customers to use. No matter how busy it is for me I stop and get him one of those carts every time I see him. On the slower days I will talk to him for a few minutes as I walk outside to get more carts. I have been doing this for about six months now. Before I started my job I would have never talked to him before. And that is a really sad part of my personality. One day he has said that I changed his life around. That he never ever liked going to the store to pick up anything. He hated to looks people would give him. How the little kids would stare at him. And he said it feels so nice to have someone treat him as a person and with respect. He is such a genuine man. Very nice guy. It just shows how much I miss of people and how much people are missing out on one another.

Another customer that comes in is names Mrs. Anderson. She comes in the store every Friday around twelve o’clock when her ride drops her off at the door. She needs someone to shop with her to reach things off the shelves. Just by looking at her you could never tell she needed help. But she can’t stand for more then twenty minutes and cant walk over ten minutes. So on every Friday I help her shop. She has had many surgeries in the past two years. Some of them are both knee replacements and a hip replacement. That’s why she can’t walk or stand. I have been doing this for her for almost two months. We talk about everything and anything. I have really gotten to get to know her. She hasn’t been in the store for a few weeks because she has been sick. She called the store director the other day and stared to tell him how much of a help I have been and how it was nice to talk to someone who actually cared about what she was saying. How other stores didn’t care if she could get around or not. She has talked about her granddaughter to me and how much her granddaughter didn’t really care about her. And one thing that she said to the store director was that how much she wished I was her granddaughter and not her real granddaughter. Mrs. Anderson actually started to cry on the phone to the store director.

Hearing different things from people is very satisfying. I never ever could realize that talking to someone could really impact their life so much. That treating someone with respect and caring what someone has to say could make them so happy and realize some one out there does care about me. Just going out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you would never talk to could do some much for someone. I never would think that talking to these two people would have done so much for them. Never in my life have I felt such a great happiness from talking to someone and seeing how much I’ve done to their life. Doing something so little as talking changes things. This has really changed my view on people. If everyone would just let their personal walls up and talk to one another. How would to world be? If everyone just let go and just said hi to someone that you would never talk to. Just let go and do it!