What do i beleive as a writer

kalei - Kihei/Hi/96753, Hawaii
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

All my life I never did like writing as it wasn’t my strength. I always had a hard time trying to come up with words to make my essay but now I have a lot of confidence in writing because this class has helped in the areas I need helped in. As a writer I believe that my writing skills have improved greatly as my teacher has taught us many good lessons so that our ideas could flow easier. After taking Dr. Blankenships class I learned how to start my essay, have a thesis, support, evidence, sources and a conclusion. I also learned that peer editing can help a lot in correcting your work to make a good essay. I was taught the basic fundamentals to writing a paper like easy to do steps and put it all together into a final paper. I have definitely become a better writer than High school. I will use these new skills throughout college and take it with me throughout my life. I believe that I can go far with these new skills that I learned. Hopefully I can a good job in the future and be a successful person. I will carry on my knowledge with me next year to improve even more. Maybe one day I could become a writer of a story or novel and become a famous person. I’m thankful that everybody in my life has guided to the right direction. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here I would probably be back on the rock in the middle of the sea. Growing up I didn’t have faith in my writing but as the years went on I seen myself progressing forward into a better writer. I’m really proud of myself as a writer because I got this far in life and without an education I wouldn’t be here in college pursuing my goals to become a successful person. I believe myself as writer who is getting better in writing and will use it in my daily life. That is my beliefs as a writer in today’s world.