Presidental Race

Angel - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What would 2010 bring to Americans? What would the next president of the United States bring to the country? What would Americans bring to America? These are the questions I ask when the talk of the elections surfaces.

I’ve heard it all from each presidential candidate and their campaigns. I will lower taxes. I will end war affairs. I will create better educational systems. I will pass an immigration bill permitting immigrants to attain citizenship. I will provide better health care.

People seem as though they truly believe they will find all these miracles happen out of nowhere in a short period of time. Even when it comes to Newton’s law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, it can be applied to comprehend what happens. For example, there has to be a cost if lower class Americans get lower taxation; such as having the upper class individuals pay more, or adjusting taxes to some other part of the economy.

In the past, every president has promised the nation something that they were unable to achieve in the end. It comes to no surprise for someone like myself because I have no expectations of them. It is a great deal to be president and hold the power to world corruption or civil peace and trying to balance economic problems all at once aren’t easy. But, it’s one thing to promise and one thing to say that they will try, instead of assuring Americans that under their governing, everything people want would be attained. In the end, it all comes as disappointment.

Often times, people like the assurance of stability and control rather than facing the truth itself because it’s fearful. Lies are simply easier to be dealt with than the hard reality of knowing that it will take a longer period of time than a president’s term length to create considerable change in the country. It’s out of the president’s power to be able to do everything that he had claimed he would do while he was campaigning. Everything that presidential candidates say sounds to be intriguing and appealing to Americans, but what is actually done is what matters. People are always arguing about what their political party would claim to give to America, but it all has to be done before anything really matters.

Because of the many broken promises that I have heard from presidential candidates, it’s a complex process for me to actually choose and eventually vote for who I believe would act on their word, simply based on their character. I would know barely, if any of the details in their life, and their exact experiences and values that shapes who they truly are behind the character of a president.

So if you ask me, who do I believe in? I believe in not knowing what candidates will do for America.