I love you more than air

Victoria - McHenry, Illinois
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It doesn’t have to be your own, it doesn’t have to be your brothers, but I believe in my brother and I’s addiction. He being addicted to heroin and the rush of selling it, me being addicted to trying to unconditionally love and help him. These addictions are the things that enter and leave my body and life, things that do not remain a constant, but seem to constantly control my life. An addiction is a disease of the mind, that no medication other then pure love can fix. But the biggest downfall of addiction is even love doesn’t fix it sometimes.

But over the last ten years, as Im only seventeen and my brother is twenty five ithas been a part of my life for so long now its done things for me, it’s taught me. How far I can go and how far is past my life being visible anymore and who will lead me down a road taken way to much. The thing that baffels me about addiction is how they call the drugs controlled substances, the last thing they are is controlled. The only things that addicts learn to control is the people around them, they learn to minipulate and taint anything and everything in order to get a fix. To there slightest defense, its mostly the drugs talking. Nine times out of ten addicts are the most warm hearted people, and very pleasant to be around. When they stay high.

Though I could sit here and tell you how bad drugs are and how evil they make people I wont. Drugs are evil, the people who do them not so much. My brother is a family man, he has two beautiful daughters and is facing seven to fourteen years in prision. Love and drugs are two things that have been fighting against eachother for a very long time. Can love change the ways of an addict? Most say you have to hit rockbottom first, and if rockbottom is dying like it is for most addicts Iwill not let it happen that way. I believe in addiction because I believe I can change it.