rappers vs writing

isaac - USA
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that I have become a better writer while taking this class because I learn a lot than I expect. I know the uh um game help my speech a lot and the journal helps my writing. I feel like I’m the boss, director or the main actor when I m writing because I have the power to change the mood of the story where ever I want to make it. I know a lot of people wish they could be the manager of a store or mall or even a big business but when you’re writing you could be exactly that if you put your mind into it. Free styling inspired me in to writing a so as rappers because I like to rap and hope to be a famous rapper one day and I love when words be rhyming like food, dude or king, ring. I can say I’m probably a decent freestyler I could put words in sentence that you won’t imagine that a person could say that’s why I love rapping because it’s like an expression to me so I could share it to other people. The rapper that inspires me is The Game he’s a Compton rapper that came from the hood he started with nothing ended up rich because of his lyrics is that’s what inspire me. His lyrics tells the truth about what going on now days then other rappers that are hiding and try to lie about what they did or what going on the game comes face first no lie its all truth and I believe that if you hear what he says you could probably relate to what his message is trying to be heard. My experience in writing was horrible when I left high school but taking this class really helps me a lot it helped my grammar, speech and not to be scare to present a speech in front of class. I’m going to take this experience for granted because it’s going to help me in the long run and I won’t never settle for less because I want the best outcome in my life.