giving up on writing

Mike - Anaconda, Montana
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Giving up on writing

Ever since I can remember I was told I had a learning disability. This meant that I would be put in a resource English class. This was supposed to mean that I would learn at a slower pace than others but to me it was something else it was telling me that I would never be able to write. To me this also meant I would never be able to speak my feeling and emotions though a poem or a song. So what does one do it this situation well in my mind all I could do was give up and that just what I did. I spent my entire high school career giving up on writing. I would become very upset seeing friends moaning and groaning about writing speeches and poems. All I could think was if only I had the chance to just try it. But this wasn’t something that was taught in my class. All we were taught was the basic knowledge to get us through life. To think writing and expressing yourself in this way wasn’t something that could get you through life. I remember the times I would attempt to write but end up ripping up the piece of paper because I though it wouldn’t make sense and nobody would read it.

When my senior year was over I new that college was coming up and there would be a lot of writing and things of this nature that I had no experience. I thought maybe I should just go straight into the work force maybe that was the path that was set out for me, maybe I wasn’t supposed to go to school. But through the pressure of my mother I gave it a shot and discovered over time that I really can write and I was good at it. I believe now that I can write and have more abilities than I thought. I really wish I would have know this in the past. I know now that I shouldn’t let what other say and think determine my life. This the belief that I acquired threw writing.