Who I am As A Writter

Joseph - Dillon, Montana
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Who I am as a Writer

I believe that I can be a good writer when it comes to certain topics to write about. In my younger days I had struggled with writing because I felt like I was not interested in the topic. I would just write with no passion and pretty much would wing-it. On the other hand, back then I could write pages and pages on things that interested me. I can recall one assignment I had done in the 8th grade were we had to write an essay on a person who you look up to. I had written a seven page paper on Tupac Shakur that I got an A- on. I believe that when it comes done to it, we are all good writers if we are interested in the topic. I like to write poetry and have a book that is just filling up with my literature but in school I feel that I just go through the motions. I cannot deny though that I was not the same writer back then that I am today. I had a hard time to express myself on paper and needed a lot of help. I feel that today I am the best that I can be and am probably only going to get better. It is this progression that I am proud of. Sometimes me thinking about this progression makes me want to write. From the progress that I see would gives me the motivation to write a good paper for school even if I am not interested in the topic. I am proud of my writings because it is mines. The thoughts that comes out from pen to paper is my own creative thoughts and I believe that this is motivational enough to even write. I believe that we as writers should practice writing to just find pleasure out of it. For this pleasure can express our true thoughts on topics or true thoughts for just personal writing. I have came a long way with my writing and plan to just keep on keeping on to always better myself so that hopefully my writings may be flawless with no grammatical errors or wrong spelling. That is what I believe as a writer.