What do I believe about myself as a writer

Brock - Dillon, Montana
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I long as I have been writing I have never thought of myself as a very good writer and that’s the main reason I have never really enjoyed what writing brings to others. It is hard for me to express how I really feel through writing. I have always expressed myself through different methods such as sports. It is very hard for me to get my thoughts down on a piece of paper I can never get started and I always get very frustrated. Teachers have never really told me I was a bad writer but they have never told me I was a good one. One of the most nerve wracking things for me to do is give a presentation to people. I have given a couple presentations in my life and the last one is always more nerve wracking then the first. I can never see myself not getting nervous before a presentation. But it is something that I think I will become better at over time.

All of the writing I do is for a grade; it’s never just for myself. It has took me all the way to my first English class in college to really feel like I can write and that writing is something that you get better at over time and more writing. I give all the credit to my first English teacher in college who has taught me that I can and will become a better writer as long as I keep on writing. Writing to me is not some as stress anymore but as a way to see that I am becoming smarter by all the writing I do. I can see myself to continue to write and to see that, by me keeping on writing I will get to where I want to be in my life. I know now that I will never be the best writer but I don’t think I will be the worst one either. I believe that it takes time to become confident in something that you are unsure with yourself about. I will continue on writing until I have nothing else to say and I always have something to say now that I know I can write.