Be Your Own Best Friend

Josh - plainfield, Indiana
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The only person that will ever be with you in every situation you will ever face in your life is you. So you need to be your own best friend.

No one will ever know you like you do. No one will ever figure you out like you will. No one will hear you laugh or see you cry as many times as you. No one is as important to you as you are.

Be good. You are a direct reflection of the people you associate with, so would you want to be a bad influence on yourself? Be critical. No one should be harder on you than you. Push yourself to hit a plateau and keep on climbing. Make that plateau just another step towards a never-ending destination. Be nice. Let yourself know when you have done good. There won’t always be someone who will re-assure you that you are right, so let yourself know that’s YOU giving you a pat on the back.

Stand by your side when no one else will. The toughest things in life also have the fewest people doing them. So give yourself an assertive nod when you see that no one is there beside you but you. Let yourself know that you got your back. And know that no one can stop you because you are helping yourself out, and there’s nothing stronger than solid teamwork.

We live in a nation where everyone is dependent on someone or something else for sanity. And that’s why you see people completely lose it when they feel like their world just fell apart. Because worlds do fall apart. And most people have nothing to fall back on. But you have you. When your house burns down, and your family dies, and you get fired from your job, you still have you. And you are your best asset.

The best part is this: When it’s all said and done, you’ll realize that no one was helping you in your conquest of life. And as they lay you down in your casket, even your lifeless corpse will crack a smile. Because you will have realized that you helped yourself get through all of that. And you’ll come to figure it out too that only one of you died.

This I believe.