A lesbian in todays world

Micheal - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Being an open homosexual in today’s world is very different from what it used to be. My life experience has been very positive and for the most part accepting. When you sit down and watch T.V. you see people being ostracized because of their sexuality but I have experienced very little of that hate and discrimination in my life. The majority of anger and discrimination toward homosexuals comes from their families, people who were their friends and some people they don’t even know.

My close family has been very accepting of my sexuality. My parents believe it is a choice that I made and where that isn’t the case they are willing to accept it. I think my parents have different opinions and if they hadn’t chosen to tolerate it together they probably won’t have tolerated it at all. For the most part my parents are afraid for me. They grew up in a town were farming was big prejudice was pretty strong. They believe that because of my sexuality most people will discriminate against me. The only person in my family that is strongly opposed to my sexuality is my grandmother who is a Roman Catholic and wants me to be a firm believer in god, which is not something that I am at all comfortable with. Overall my family has been much better than the stereotypical, get pissed and throw the kid out of the house routine.

Being open with my friends about my sexuality was a little harder for me to handle. It was really scary to think that my friends might not want to be my friends after they found out I was a lesbian, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Most of my friends looked at me, laughed and said “It’s about damn time.” This was a huge relief. I didn’t come out and suddenly have no social life in fact it was the opposite. I was more comfortable with my self and with the people around me knowing the true.

People I don’t know has never been a problem for me. Sometimes I’ll get the awkward look but I haven’t had an experience where some one has publicly tried to make fun of me or try to me make me fell ashamed of my self. I believe this is one of the areas that people worry about the most, not how those who know you will act but how people who don’t know you will.

I believe that coming out about your sexuality has been hugely blown out of proportion by fear and some anger. Really our current society is more accepting than most people think. Coming out for me was not scary or tainted by anger. It was accepting and supportive by my friends and close family.