Age is nothing but a number

sulee - auburn, Washington
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As we continue our journey in life there’s going to be that one obstacle that will just drive you nuts. You try so had to forget but it just keeps coming back in to mind. Mine was a relationship problem and still is going on as we speak. It started towards the end of my freshmen year when I met the most handsome boy ever! From then on it worked its way up. We loved each other like crazy and always want to be together. The problem though was that he was older than me. I’m not talking major gigantic gap but still somewhat a minor gap. Although to some people they think that it’s really bad but I don’t. I believe that age is nothing but a number, just being madly in love with the person is more than enough for me. I don’t know what the law says about how big the gap can be but I know that I’m not the only person. There’re million others who do this including adults when they were young. They should put themselves in someone else’s position. What if married couples were young again and he/she wasn’t allowed to see the love of their life because he/she was 5 years older. How would it feel to have someone you love taken away from you? Would you feel good about it and act like nothing happened and you’ll find someone else? No of course not! Loosing someone out of no where like that could cause depression. You’ll be crying like there’s no tomorrow! Adults don’t pay so much attention to that and I think it’s about time that they do. Start listening to your kids hear them out, just because they’re young doesn’t mean that they can’t be in love. If things doesn’t work out be there for them. My parents aren’t always there for me because they were raised differently. They hate the way I do things because they want me to do it their way but I refuse to. They don’t know that my boyfriend makes me happy and looks after me and helps me pay for most of the stuff that they’re suppose to be paying for me. So when someone ever tells me it’s gross that I’m going out with someone older than me, I don’t listen and I don’t let it get to me and others shouldn’t either because they don’t know our side of the story. I believe that age is nothing but a number, just being madly in love with the person is more than enough for me!