Buy American

Robert - Westfield, Massachusetts
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

To whom it may concern,

My name is Robert Tringali Jr. and I own a custom shop in western Massachusetts. As most business in the United States, my business is suffering too. Recently my wife and I were talking about the world financial crisis. This conversation has me thinking that I need to do my little part and change the way I spend my money.

For starters, I will only be spending on American made goods. My decision should not be mistaken as hateful or prejudice, but a decision to keep American money here. By buying American, I hope to create more jobs here also. I urge all Americans to do so. Let’s stop going deeper into debt and end this sick cycle here and now.

There may be products that cost less but are made in another country. We can’t be fooled by price tags anymore. This too is a cycle that will turn around if we stick to the plan. The cost of goods will inflate, but so will the employment in this country. The cost of manufacturing will rise too, along with the working peoples’ salaries. We will be able to afford the inflation because we to will be inflated.

There are many products the may be considered to be of higher quality that are made else where. This is the poor self-esteem of the American Government, businesses and people. Accepting this is the pivoting point of the economic downfall of this country. We need to make the best products here. We shouldn’t have to look outside of our boarders to find the best or most or cheapest. We need to do it all here, in the greatest country on earth. I urge American companies to step up to the plate, make the best, most or cheapest products that your consumers need. This is not an invitation to rape the system, but a proclamation to do the best that can be done.

For all that I haven’t done in the past I will say I am sorry. Now, I pledge my faithfulness to American companies. We all need to do our little part and revitalize this union, The United States of America.