The Value in Family Unity

Jessica - Orange Park, Florida
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Through out my entire life, my life has always been very close. From going on family vacations to baseball trips every weekend my family was constantly together. Within my early childhood years I did not recognize the importance of family unity. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how and why my parents have raised my siblings and me this way. I believe strongly in having a special relationship with my family, especially my siblings.

In my family I have an older brother, Justin and a younger sister Jordyn. As a child I had my friends at school but out of school it was just my siblings and I. I liked it this way because there was always something to do. Being around my siblings all the time really helped me gain a greater understand of my siblings. To this day, I believe I understand my brother and sister better than anyone else.

My siblings and I did absolutely everything together. We would always get into trouble, hide from ours parents, and of course play all of those childish games everyone loved. Life was like this until I was eleven years old and my family moved to a different part of town. It was not long after I began to realize my life would change. For the longest time, I blamed the area we moved to for the separation of my siblings and I, but in reality we were all growing up. The fun playful times we had experienced as children were now over. My brother began high school and I began junior high school, while my sister was still in elementary school. We were all just so far apart in age we never wanted to hang out anymore. Soon, it felt as if we were not family anymore, just people with different lives living in the same house. It wasn’t until this summer that we all became close again, when my sister entered high school with me and my brother moved back home to finish his college.

My parents were very particular in the way they helped to form the relationships my siblings and I now have. They understood that life is much easier to have people in it that are there for you and care about you. My father has seven brothers and sisters of which he is close of one of his sisters, while my mother has one brother and is not close with him. From their own past experiences they went through, they did not want my siblings and me to go through their same struggles.

Through this experience I have had had with my siblings, I understand why my parents raised us as a close family, so that later in life we can always have someone there for us when my parents cannot be anymore. The belief I have in the value of family unity is one of the most important aspects of life and will reflect the way I raise my family.