I Believe in the Presidential Elect

Kyle - Orange Park, Florida
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that American’s new presidential elect will do what is right for America, and get America out of the recession that it is spiraling into as a nation.

I believe that America’s Presidential Elect is from the people; he is young and it has not been to terribly long since he was just another American man busting his butt in the market place to provide for his family. I believe this is what America needs; a man from which people can identify with and vice versus.

Racism has been a big issue since the Civil War. I believe that America’s presidential elect will be able to solve the race issue just by what he has been able to accomplish in half a life time. I believe that many Americans look down on other human beings whose skin color is not the same as their own; I believe that many Americans say that because of a person’s skin color they are at a lower social status. I believe that this issue will be solved because in one of the highest positions on Earth a man will sit, that is not of the ethnicity that most Americans share in common; by this he proves that color means absolutely nothing.

When it comes to what direction the President Elect will take America as a nation; I believe that many Americans cringe, but I also believe that the President Elect has the right direction to take America out of this recession and away from an economy that is failing. I believe he has the right views on top political issues that could very well affect the American economy tremendously.

I believe that the President Elect has the right people backing him up. I believe that the party he represent will do a tremendous job in office and will change many of the outdated laws. I believe he has an amazing family supporting him, which will strengthen him when he has to make tough judgment calls that are never easy to make, no matter how well prepared.

I believe in the President Elect that American has chosen because he is from the people; I believe that he will abolish the race card and take America in the right direction.