Myself as a Writer

Gary - Dillon, Montana
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This is what I believe of myself as a writer. My writing is an expansion of the ideas that I have in my mind. I start with a basic idea or principle of something to write about and the writing itself expands on my knowledge. This was a hard principle for me to grasp when I first heard about it. Then the next time I wrote, I thought about that principle and then I was able to see just how true this idea was. I have never been the biggest fan of writing, until I learned this about myself as a writer. All I need to due is put my thoughts onto paper and amazingly to me my ideas and knowledge seems to spring to life. It makes my ideas more clear, more concise, and more easily understood. I always feel, when writing, that my ideas are more easily visible to me. It becomes easier to convey any information that I have in my mind. I find it hard often to stop writing. When I finally think that I have said all there is to say, my mind is bombarded with new ideas and new information that would help in my writing. Like I have said, I have not always been the biggest fan of writing. When I was younger, I was never told that I was a bad writer and I really didn’t have a problem with writing. It was more an issue of writing not being fun. It was just something that I didn’t want to ever due. Now I realize that writing is an awesome tool that expands and intensifies my ideas and emotions. Writing is capable of taking knowledge and ideas that, to a person may seem vague and indistinctive and transforming and reshaping them into a beautiful expression of knowledge and ideas. Also there is never a shortage of ideas or emotions that could not be helped by writing. This is what my writing is to me, an expansion of my ideas, knowledge, and emotions. Hopefully everyone can gain this awesome perceptivity of writing as I have. This I believe.