This I Believe

Danielle - USA
Entered on November 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

Approximately 150,000 people die each day. If you think about it, a family is devastated right now because their loved one, relative, or someone they knew just died. Every day something tragic happens to somebody whether it be a stroke, medical condition, overdose on drugs, suicide, car accident, or old age. Every day I wonder why this horrible thing has to happen to people. Why do people have to die?

A couple weeks ago my best friend’s dad died. I have been really good friends with him for the past year and his family and all of a sudden something bad happens. His father had a stroke; they found him lying on a floor face down in vomit for who knows how long. They got him to the hospital as soon as they found him. He had internal bleeding to his brain and spinal cord, he was paralyzed, a vegetable, and they could do nothing to save him. He died the next day at 3:40 pm. He was the type of man that made everyone laugh and when he was in the house it was a really good feeling. He was a loving father to his kids, and that was all he cared about. He was always supporting them and going to whatever important event they had. He was always there. He also helped out as many people as possible even though he did not have enough money to barely take care of his self. But some how he always made it because he tried his hardest; It’s what’s in the heart that counts. It was his time to leave and be in a better place than what he was in.

Given that I went though the whole ordeal that happened to strike my friend’s family, I know now it really sucks to lose a loved one. I have not had it happen to me yet, but the time will come when it does because it eventually happens to everyone.

I used to believe when people died they were always the nicest people, while all the rapists, murderers and child abusers stayed alive. However, now I know that my belief was skewed. Most people think that all the bad things happen to all the bad people or at least should happen to them, and then if they were all gone all you would have is good people on the earth. But I see it differently; I believe in God, and I know not all people do. My theory is that God put us on this earth to all live a happy life. He has a plan for every person on this planet whether they believe in him or not. We can choose what we want to do and can either go in a bad direction and screw up or be very successful. We live here on this earth and once it is our time to leave and die we all live in a better place than what we were in. Now, I believe that all the bad people in the world stay on this earth and suffer while all the good people die and are in a better place like heaven.

Most people like to focus on all the negative effects that happen to good people. In the case of my friend’s dad, I thought to myself, “Why did such a good man have to leave this earth?” but then I realized that even though death is viewed as a bad occurrence, it is actually a blessing in disguise because now my friend’s dad is in a much better place. So, in retrospect, the highest attainment of good things (heaven) comes to all good people in the end.