This I Believe

Kyle - Sammamish, Washington
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The belief in anything is not what someone else wants you to believe in. It’s what you believe in. You don’t let someone tell you what’s ok to believe in and not. That’s your decision. Unless maybe if you lived in a country that didn’t allow you to believe in certain things.

I believe in many things. But only some of which will I share with you now. This is because it would be more than 500 words. One thing I believe in is Karma. Karma is what goes around comes around. So if you do something bad, then later on in life it will come back to you negatively. Also though when you do something good, then you will get repaid for your doing. I started to believe this when I first heard about it. I thought it was pretty true. All in all, my belief in Karma is simple; being a nice or mean person will affect you later on.

Everything happens for a reason. This is another belief I have about the world. It means that everything that happens, no matter how big or little, it happens for a cause. So no matter what action you take in life, it was already meant to happen. So this is saying that even if you change your mind about doing something, someone or something already knew you were going to do that. I kind of started to believe this by myself. I may have heard it places. But I think that that’s just how the world works.

I have more beliefs than just that. But that’s all for today. These beliefs though I think are stronger than the others. That is my philosophy. So now you know more about me and those beliefs.