I Believe in Change

Zachary - Lone Wolf, Oklahoma
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in change. Sometimes change can be good as well as bad. Sometimes changes are adapted from the events in ones life that are inevitalbe. While sometimes changes are intended in order to complete a goal or goals.

I am only 17 years old. I am 25% African-American and the rest of my blood is “white”(and maybe some cherokee but it is not on file). My father is an alcoholic, my younger sister can’t get out of trouble with the law, my 4 year old brother was diagnosed with cancer in mid-june, and my mother had to quit her day-time job to help my brother with his chemotherapy. I can not change what happens in my life but I can change myself in hope that it will help to prevail a better future.

I was not a perfect person nor am I now. Who is? I quit using marijuana and alcohol, cigarettes and pills, and brought my high school grades up. Yes, i did this for myself but for my family too. I am now one less burden for my mother, a role model for my siblings, and an example of change.

In my short life i have realized anyone can change for the better. The smallest changes can effect anothers life with massive impacts. One way i changed is how i greet my fellow classmates at school. In the morning I walk in with my head up and a smile on my face to try lighten up someones day. It may sound silly but smiling more often can make for positive change.

I believe its the simple changes in life are the ones that maker brighter days. I try my hardest to encourage others to accept the changes in their lives that they can not help and make changes them self that can. I believe in the ongoing changes that are occuring right now and those that will lead to better days.