You can’t stop it. You can’t stop my happiness.

Gabriel - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: atheism

I believe god is a reflection of what people want to be and are not. Yes I am an atheist. Yes I believe god does not exist and never will. But here I am preaching to you about god and what we think of him. Lets say for a moment that god is an African American lesbian woman. That would go against what many people in this world despise and fear. In my lifetime, I have laughed I have cried and I have loved. That in my opinion is what the true essence of life is. I am not afraid of hell and I am not afraid of what my actions will provoke after my death. I just want to be happy. I want to scale the heads of the presidents at Mount Rushmore. I want to visit France and smoke a thick black cigar. I want to taste its food and admire its lovely landscapes and women. But most of all, I want to see everybody I have come in contact with in my life to be happy. To be sad. And to be Human.

In these fifteen years I have had on this earth I have never thought that some unseen presence or force was watching over me, and protecting me. I only have people. People who have always loved and admired me. People whose unadulterated kindness has brought me unlimited happiness. All we have in this world are those who are seen, and touched and loved. If god would like to stay unseen and never feel this wonderful happiness I feel right now, then he is not of this great big beautiful world we have around us everyday. If gods only thought is to catch us in the act of something the “he” claims is wrong and send us to hell, then god must be a very, very sadistic person. I put the word “he” in quotations because god never said any of that. People know that god doesn’t exist. People realize that the threat of hell is a very persuasive way to scare and terrify the populace to listen to anything they tell you is “wrong.” Such as, masturbation, murder, adultery, gluttony, lying, molestation, rape, sex, abortion, greed, and anything else that doesn’t have to do with big hats and Jesus’ blood.

Those “sins” that I have just mentioned are things that every human has lusted for in his or her life. Things that humans have done ever since the dawn of time, Things that humans like and enjoy, things that we have always liked. And there is nothing that a guy in a big hat or a man in a black suit can do to change my mind. There is nothing they can threaten me with. There is nothing that can stop me from being happy.