This is Why I Write This Way

Tesla - Great Falls, Montana
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This is Why I write This Way

Almost everybody starts writing at a young age, writing throughout elementary and up through high school, and maybe on to higher education. Writing never really became a big deal until about my freshman year of high school. During this year I was assigned to write poems, papers, and other miscellaneous writings. I always hated writing and thought it was only for authors and saw no point in me putting so much time and effort into it; but as I grew I began to realize writing is not just for authors, writing is for anybody.

My dad has always been a huge inspiration to me, and he has always been great with words. I have always looked to my dad for help whether it was advice or just writing a simple school paper, just because he was really good with wording thoughts and was able to help me out.

Whenever I wrote a paper, I would always ask my dad to proof read it and tell me if he saw any misspellings, or punctuation, or just anything that needed to be changed. By the time that he was done with my paper and I got it back my sentences were all twisted around, and all of my “small everyday” words were turned into big “look it up in the dictionary” words, and my whole paper was pretty much “remodeled”. I remember I used to get so frustrated when he would do this to my papers thinking he was just criticizing my work and being difficult. I now realize my dad was not being difficult, he was just merely trying to broaden my vocabulary, and trying to show me that I could be a good writer with just a little bit of help and practice.

My dad showed me that not only authors can write, but I can write. Anybody with a pencil and paper can write. Yah the first time it is not going to come out perfect, and some people have different styles of writing than others, but that does not mean that they aren’t writers. Writing is something that takes practice, and anybody that has the ability to touch pencil to paper can do it. Even me.