Voting in America

Stevie - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that every American has the right vote on every important issue. That way the government doesn’t assume it has the power over the people but rather, the American people have the power over them. However, for the last eight years the government has been taking many issues into their own hands and has not been asking us for our input. I think that is not fair because the government promised us that we would be able to vote on important issues like the Iraq war but we have to been able to.

For example, in 2001 after George Bush was elected president we were attacked by terrorists. After that Bush had decided it was time to go to with Iraq and Afghanistan so he asked congress to let America to go to war. Except, he forgot to ask the people who fuel the country of America if they wanted to go to war on the thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Well I think we should have had a national vote of whether we should go to war or not because now we know that Iraq never had any weapons of mass destruction and the real war should be in Afghanistan. Furthermore, millions of our American troops have been killed for something that was never heir so it was wrong for congress to allow Bush to do what he did.

The government proposed a seven-hundred billion dollar bailout out plan in September so we could bailout the stock market even though Wall Street put us in this economy crisis. In addition, I think that it was a bad idea because we were already in debt and that just put us in more debt also it the plan hasn’t even been put into action. So I think that the government or President should have allowed the citizens of America to vote on whether the plan should be allowed because it doesn’t include anything that would benefit us. Plus, the bailout actually lowered the stock market when it was approved by congress so it hasn’t really helped us. Moreover, the stock market is still dropping so it hasn’t helped us gain our money back.

Another example is the gay marriage and gay rights issue. I think it is unfair for the government to determine who marries what gender. So I believe that the voters of America should be allowed to vote on who can get married along with who what type of marriage can get rights. Mainly, because it would be unfair if the government forced us to marry only certain genders and only get certain rights for only being with certain couples. Without our approval on it because it affects us more than it affects them.