I Believe in Miracles

Jacob - Brentwood, Tennessee
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Do I believe in God? Absolutely! Do I believe in his miracles? Absolutely! You may ask me how I came to such a solid conclusion in my life. Well, my faith was solidified one afternoon when God showed up unexpectedly. Up to that point, I struggled with doubt and unbelief, like many of us. My unanchored belief in His existence tormented me; not unlike a small child trying to hang onto his belief in Santa Clause. He’s such a nice old man, but nothing more than a fairy tale, right? Yes, some things are fairy tales, but some things, though unexplainable, are very real. I came face to face with one of these unexplainable events in Colorado.

It was a typical sunny Colorado day, and my family was enjoying one of our favorite pass times, riding ATVs and motorcycles. We arrived at a beautiful clearing in the forest, where we set up camp. Afterwards, we decided to go for a ride and I chose the dirt bike, leaving the rest to ride the ATVs. With the numerous trails to choose from, we finally settled on the nearest path that would take us where it willed.

We had ridden about forty-five minutes when I decided to try my luck at climbing a massive hill. All was well until I was faced with a set of unexpected circumstances. The path became much steeper than I anticipated; cutting itself in between trees and laden with a blanket of gravel. To make things worse, a couple of ‘intelligent’ teenagers had tried their hand at four-wheeling in their ‘two-wheeled’ car, and had stalled in the middle of my trail. This presented me with a real problem, as I was now at full throttle and moving fast to keep my momentum. Since their car was blocking about seventy-five percent of my path, with forest on the right and a cliff on the left, I quickly began to second guess my blind ambition to climb this monstrosity. Nevertheless, I was committed to the ascent.

I successfully maneuvered around them, but suddenly, I lost control of my steering and swerved to the left, heading straight for a huge tree and a cliff that was ready to welcome me to ‘other side’ of life. I completely froze, unable to release the gas or hit the brakes. Believing that I was surely going to die, I prepared myself for the terrible crash, when just as suddenly, my bike tipped smoothly onto its side. I stopped just short of the edge and serious injury. I examined the path and determined no reasonable cause for the sudden fall. I quickly checked myself and my bike for damage. There was none, not a single scratch, dent, bruise, or injury of any kind. It was at that moment that I was completely convinced that God had saved my life, washing away any doubt that I had possessed and replacing it with love for my Savior, tenfold.