Beauty is in the eye if the beholder.

Mariah - Middleburg, Florida
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One night while looking through one of my various fashion magazines, something caught my eye. It was beautiful. It was vibrant. It was intriguing. It was me – or so I thought it was. It was a colorful, floral dress fitting gracefully on the slim hips of Victoria Beckham. Once I saw how beautifully it fit her, I instantly told myself that something oh-so beautiful and posh would never fit me; or even yet look good on me and I quickly shut the magazine.

Later that night while watching television, a skin soap commercial came on. The commercial showed various women of all sizes and skin colors moving around in nothing but white underwear. Once they were done, a black screen appeared and said, “Feel beautiful in your skin.” As soon as the commercial went off, I had an epiphany; I realized that no matter how many times I diet, exercise, or fantasize about how I can look like a supermodel; I would have to deal with the way that my body looks. Therefore, I believe that everyone should feel comfortable in his or her own skin.

From that moment on, I realized the importance of making myself feel beautiful. Whenever I feel down, I like to go shopping for new clothes. Once I get new clothes, I feel that my creativity shows and I start to exude self confidence. Once I start to feel that certain “Je ne sais quoi,” I feel like I can conquer the world, which to me has to be the most beautiful feeling ever. On days when I feel like I look good, people can see how confident I feel and it makes people see how beautiful I really am, inside and out.

Because of that feeling that I get, I have made it my personal mission not to let myself or others feel down about them self. Whenever I hear a negative comment that someone says about his or her self, I tell them to think positive about themselves and to hold their head up high and smile, which would have others thinking positive thoughts about that certain person.

I remember the quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” whenever I start to feel high sorrows. I stop and realize that I have the “beauty” and that I am the “beholder.” Over the past seventeen years that I have been on this Earth, I have come to the facts that I will never be supermodel, picture perfect beautiful. Because I am not; no one is. Along with everyone else in this world, I represent the most common and relatable type of beauty. I am the most classic type of beauty. I am “Everyday Beauty.”