Mariya - Auburn, Washington
Entered on November 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that we all need friends in our lives because without them we

wouldn’t make it too far. We all not only emotionally

benefit from friends, but we also learn from them. We learn to trust,

we learn how to love, and we learn how to listen. Everyone

needs at least one friend in every moment of his or her life. In fun

times, sad times, in new experiences, and especially

depressing times. You need to keep your friends close because they

are the greatest things you have. You need friends to

listen to, and have them listen to you, cheer you up, and to have fun

with. Most of all you need friends to believe in you

when you don’t believe in yourself. Friends are one of the biggest

treasures we have here on earth. When you have trouble

in life there is no one to help you if you don’t have friends. I

remember when I had trouble in my life and I felt really

lonely. There was no one to help me out. But I knew that my friend

would be there for me. So I decided to give her a call.

My friend left all her worries and came to help me. I believe that’s a

true friend. Also, if you think you don’t have friends

why don’t you try to be a friend to someone. If you become a friend,

than they will become your friends. Friends are a gift

to us. Why don’t we keep that gift and use it when we need it. I

remember my friends. We would grow up together, go hang out

together and be there for each other. When one of us felt lonely, we

knew who to give a call too, or who to talk to. When

we needed advice we knew who to call. We were always there for each

other and we still are. If we become a friend to someone

they will become a friend to us. Friendship is one of the things in

this world that makes it a better place to live in. We

should treasure that gift just like a person treasures their goods. I

believe that we should hold on to one another because

without each other we would not be able to live in this world.